6 Garlic Benefits To Boost Your Health

Garlic is known to have numerous health benefits. It fights infectious diseases, improves your heart health, and increases your immune system. However, it is not an everyday food for everyone. You might not like the smell and taste of fresh garlic, but garlic can be very beneficial for your health. Check out the more health benefits of garlic.

Improves heart health

Eating fruits and vegetables that promote cardiovascular health is a good idea for heart disease prevention. Several fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, you can eat nuts and seeds, which are high in protein and dietary fiber. They also contain phytonutrients and are cholesterol free.

Improves hair health

You may not be aware of it, but tomatoes have important nutrients that are beneficial for hair health. They help prevent hair loss and improve the quality of the hair while also treating scalp odour and dandruff. Moreover, the pulp of a tomato can be used as a natural conditioner for the hair. You can leave the pulp on your hair for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. This vegetable also contains vitamin C, which treats scalp problems and boosts collagen for proper tissue development.

Fights infectious diseases

Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic that can fight various infections. Its unique compound inhibits the RNA molecules of bacteria and damages their protective slimy matrix, called biofilm. This weakened biofilm allows antibiotics and the body’s immune system to attack the bacteria directly.

Boosts immune system

Garlic is a rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients and has been shown to boost immune system function. However, the best way to ensure your immune system is functioning optimally is to listen to your body’s signals and consult a doctor. Bajaj Finserv Health connects you to an expert in your area.

Reduces toxicity

Many studies have shown that garlic reduces toxicity of cancer-causing substances. It inhibits the formation of nitrosamines in the digestive tract, a class of potentially carcinogenic compounds. A study from Penn State University found that garlic extract was more effective in preventing cancer than vitamin C. Chinese researchers are also researching the effects of garlic on precancerous stomach lesions. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute are also interested in garlic’s role in cancer prevention.

Boosts energy

Garlic is known for its many health benefits and is known to be a very pungent food. Though it may have a pungent smell and bad breath, you may not be aware that it also contains many beneficial nutrients. In fact, studies have even shown that garlic may even increase your energy levels and prevent chronic diseases.