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High Security Door Locks: 5 Key Benefits

A high security door lock system may be the best option for your business and key control if you are worried about security in your organization but also want to keep costs in check. Comparing this form of key control system to other door locks, there are several benefits. Let’s examine five advantages that the best secure door locks can offer your company. Looking for better go through

1. Long-term savings from high-security door locks

High security locks, often known as HSECs, have the main advantage of being virtually impossible to pick. As a result, your company will be spared the potentially disastrous costs of theft.

Of all, if a determined burglar can just drill the lock out of its housing, a pick-resistant lock is useless. The most secure door locks all have drill-resistant housings, which make it impossible to remove the locks from the doors. This function not only lowers theft, but it also saves you from having to pay to replace broken locks with new ones in order to re-secure the property after an attempted break-in.

The majority of door lock expenses for many firms are caused by the requirement to repair locks when keys are lost or improperly reproduced. However, InstaKey’s limited key blanks cannot be replicated without authorisation because they are not sold on the open market. You might discover that as a result, your company no longer needs to change locks to maintain security.

2. Choose the highest level of security for your door locks and key controls

The most secure door locks on the market can still be used even if you have specific criteria for your door lock system. A highly adaptable HSEC solution is offered by InstaKey and may be tailored to suit your organization’s requirements. To suit the unique requirements of each working environment, you can even tailor each system if you need to secure many locations. You may enhance your everyday key management and security by tailoring your key control to the physical security requirements of your firm and various sites.

3. Locks That Can Be Rekeyed Immediately Are User-Rekeyable

How frequently have you had to replace a lock because a worker misplaced or had a key stolen? Rekeying locks without removing them from their hardware is now possible thanks to cutting-edge user-rekeyable key cores. When a key is lost or stolen, user-rekeyable locks can be securely reset without needing to be taken out of your door hardware. This implies that anyone attempting to get access using the lost or stolen key after you’ve taken swift action to rectify a security breach will be turned away. So that your staff can continue to have uninterrupted access to your facilities, the other authorized key holders can receive new keys in the meantime.

Including master keys, grand master keys, and even great grand master key systems, all key types in a HESC system can be reset. By doing this, you can guarantee security at every level of your business, and your key managers won’t have to waste time or worry about the security of their information when dealing with security breaches.

High security cylinders are used in InstaKey’s HESC systems to protect your key control system. Most significant door lock manufacturers offer a variety of housings into which these cylinders can be retrofitted. They provide the option of resetting locks without jeopardizing system security as a whole.

4. Software for tracking serialized keys in the cloud

Your ability to track serialized keys is one of your key control’s most crucial capabilities. Administrators may monitor all keys that have been issued, orders that have been placed, and the efficiency of your key control with InstaKey’s cloud-based key monitoring software solution from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Using this programme, administrators may identify key owners, keep track of where keys are, and rapidly determine which doors each key opens. Key duplication, which poses a significant security concern in some organizations, is likewise eliminated by serialized keys.

5. Secure key control is ensured with high security door locks

High security door lock system elements all work together to safeguard the safety of the actual buildings that house your business. Along with the physical characteristics that locks provide, InstaKey also provides programmes that are specifically designed to help every employee of your business conduct in a way that promotes security. In order to assist administrators in creating organization-wide rules that guarantee the security and efficiency of your system, these programmes offer continuing education, training, and assistance. You may be confident that the risk of a security breach is kept as low as possible when every member of every team in your company collaborates to ensure security.

High security door locks are a safe and effective option for your key control as you balance the need for improved security in your company with the goal to keep costs low. Strong, secure key control has several advantages for your business, including lower maintenance costs, more convenience, and increased security.

Contact our security specialists at InstaKey right away for additional details about the advantages high security door locks may provide for your company. We are here to help you select the key control and lock system that is best for your needs by answering any questions you may have about HESC and other electronic door lock systems.