Innovative Engineering Work at Advanced Braking System

About Advanced Braking Technology Ltd. Advanced Braking Technology Limited is a company involved in the commercialization, development, and manufacture of the Sealed Rotary Wheel Stabilizer (SRDS), a proprietary racing system for use on high performance automobiles. It is an authorized member of the Industry Association of braking Systems and Brake systems and holds a provisional patent for its designs and technology. The company has applied for European approval and is waiting for final approval from the Union.

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Advanced Braking Technology Limited was founded by Dr. Richard Craine, who holds a PhD in civil construction with a thesis on advanced braking technology. He was a pioneer in the development of lightweight wet-dive brakes for general use and has been extensively involved in the development of dry braking racing systems. Dr. Craine’s research is focused on lightweight rotors for high performance automobile braking. His efforts have resulted in the development of several innovative braking systems that have been successfully used in professional race cars. Dr. Craine’s innovative concept and technological innovations have been used in Formula 1 car racing, particularly in Japan and Italy.

Dr. Craine’s innovations are mainly based on drag-free, low-lift wet discs that are supported by a rigid aluminum supported frame. This innovative design ensures that the disc is always in the correct place and the brake is always working properly. The design reduces the weight of the vehicle by at least 50 %. This feature is essential for use on racing vehicles as light weight equals less power. Therefore, the application of advanced braking and handling systems can help to minimize the energy loss for the driver, which is otherwise reflected in high fuel consumption.

In addition, the innovative brakes are also incorporated with additional safety features such as auto pilot, variable braking force control, and anti-lock brakes. These safety features are extremely important as they help to reduce the chances of an accident. Further, as most drivers do not pay close attention to the brake signals when racing, the risk of an accident is significantly increased. Therefore, the introduction of protected cars, especially sports cars, has been seen as a major step towards preventing the occurrence of accidents due to faulty or inadequate braking systems integration.

Dr. Craine’s innovation has proved to be very useful for automobile manufacturers across the world. As a result of his work, many automobile companies around the world have started to introduce vehicles used with this advanced braking system. A number of other manufacturers are expected to adopt this innovative technology in the near future. Thus, this innovation has paved the way for a revolution in the field of automotive engineering. The discovery of Craine’s brakes has provided a great leap forward in terms of automotive engineering.

Dr. Craine’s discovery of braking systems brakes was an accident based on improper engineering. However, his research work has helped in making vehicles used with this system much safer for all types of road users. His innovations have helped in decreasing the risks of serious injuries and fatalities caused due to faulty or poor braking systems integration. The use of these safety devices have made mining brakes much safer for all types of workers.