Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Limo Company

There are many questions you need to ask before hiring a limo company. These questions range from Driver qualifications to Insurance to Vehicle selection. It’s important to hire a Limo Hire Perth company you can trust. If the limo company requires payment in advance, find out how long it takes to answer your phone call.

10 must-know questions for hiring a limo company

While choosing a limo company, it is important to consider the safety of you and your party. This means hiring a company that offers safe, modern vehicles that adhere to manufacturer safety guidelines. It also means asking about the company’s cancellation policy. Whether you can cancel your reservation will affect the amount of money that the company will charge for the hour. Additionally, ask about any additional fees, such as driver gratuity or fuel.

You should also ask about the insurance coverage of the limousine company. If a limo company does not provide proof of insurance, you should not hire them. The company should be able to show you their policy and notify you if there are any issues with the policy.

Driver qualifications

If you are planning on hiring a limo service for a special event, it’s important to ask about the insurance coverage of the company. If an accident occurs, having insurance is vital, as it can protect your passengers in the event of personal injury. You should also ask about the driver’s attire and if the company has a maintenance plan. In addition, you should ask about the number of cars that a company has.

A professional limo company will have well-dressed drivers. It’s also important to find out if the driver has prior experience. This can help you get a driver who is calm and professional even under stress. It’s also helpful if the company is local so that the driver will be able to reach your venue promptly.


When hiring a limousine company, you should ensure that they have proper insurance coverage for the vehicles they use. Commercial auto insurance policies may vary in price depending on the state in which you live, and certain restrictions may apply. Additionally, the type of insurance you need depends on the nature of your business. For instance, a sole proprietor may not need as much insurance as a company that operates a fleet of limos. Additionally, if the company employs drivers, they should be sure to follow the laws in their state. Most states require bodily injury coverage and property damage liability, and some states also require workers’ compensation.

Insurance is essential for limousine companies, because they have to pay for high insurance bills and maintain their vehicles. In addition to the insurance, they also have to keep up with rising fuel costs. Therefore, you should always ask to see a limousine company’s fleet of vehicles before hiring. Some companies have a fleet of older cars and may not have the best maintenance.

Vehicle selection

Vehicle selection is a key part of the limo rental process. If you are booking a limousine for an important event, it is best to choose the vehicle that will fit your needs and those of your guests. When choosing a vehicle, consider the features and look of the vehicle and the number of passengers you are planning on carrying. Depending on your group size, you might want to ask the limo company about the available seating options and luggage space.

It is important to ask about the service’s reliability and experience. Look for reviews and testimonials online. Find out if the company is certified. Also, ask if the fleet has liability insurance and professional drivers. Finally, check whether the limo company has its own mechanic and offers comprehensive maintenance services.


One of the most important questions to ask before hiring a limi service is whether they hire professionally trained drivers. This will ensure your safety and comfort. After all, no one wants to sit in a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, and neither do you! That’s why you should ask about the driver’s background and safety training, as well as whether he’s regularly screened and tested. A good limo service will also have references you can call for feedback.

Another question to ask is whether the company has insurance. Although accidents can’t be avoided, you should always make sure you are safe by choosing a limo service that carries insurance. Moreover, ask about how much insurance cover they have for accidents. This will give you peace of mind and give you piece of mind on your big day.