Short moral stories in English for Kids

Are you fond of Short Moral Stories In English For Kids? Then here are some great tips on how to use short stories in English for kids to teach children moral values. These kinds of stories have been used as storyboards in schools and homes to teach kids right from wrong values. They make good bedtime stories, but can also be used to teach kids about the most important lesson of all Love. Read on to find out how to create great short moral stories in English for kids.

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Write the short moral stories in English for kids that are based on true events. The main character must be a nice person and the story should tackle how the character becomes the kind of person that good people should be. The writer does not have to create a likable character, but should give hints as to what kind of person the main character is.

Short moral stories in English for kids can be made to rhyme, but should not have too much language, just enough to let the kids understand. A few meaningful words or phrases of advice to the reader is all that is needed. The writer can also experiment with different rhyming schemes, by creating a number of possible plots in the same story and trying to work them out into rhymes. Some very popular formats for short moral stories in English for kids include:

* A Story about Two Little Angels: Two little angels escape from hell and find their way back home. However, they soon find that their home is not so like they expected. There are some sort of deformations in the home, and a story about how they get over the deformations is written about. This is a great introduction to building a moral character in kids’ stories. The moral can either be a difficult one to understand, or a simple one that only requires the readers’ sympathy.

* The Story of Silent Night: In this short romantic story, a boy runs away from home and meets his mysterious ‘old man’. They spend some time together and learn more about each other. They eventually fall in love and marry. The moral here is that true love does not come easily. The story ends with them happily married. This is a great story of romance and the sacrifices children need to make for their happiness.

* Mother Goose: One of the most famous short moral stories in English for kids’ books is ‘Goodbye Mr. Rose’. This is about a poor girl who finds a stuffed rose and vows to give it to her old grandmother every day until she dies. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that her grandmother is not really dead and continues to live at the same house as her. She then decides to give the stuffed rose to a boy who lives in her son’s home. But this boy is not happy with the gift, so he tells his mother about the affair and she tells the girl to give it back to the boy or else. The end result is that the girl returns the rose and the boy dies of shame.