Woodstock Locksmith Services To Suit Your Needs

Woodstock Locksmith-Romo Services are specialists in the provision of various types of the traditional and modern locks. The services offered by them are classified under four main types Keys, Key duplication, duplicate keys and temporary keys or cards. They also provide you with emergency lockout services. Their services are available in a variety of areas including London, Essex, Birmingham, East Midlands, Manchester, North East, West Yorkshire and the Scottish Islands.

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In order to gain entry in your home, business or office you need to use a safe key that is provided by them. It is not compulsory for you to have a photocopy of your original keys; however if you do, it will serve you well in case of an emergency. You can also request them to use biometric methods to unlock the lock.

Keys are one of the most important things that you need to secure. They can be used to access a secured building or room and can be used to gain entrance if they are copied. If you have misplaced your key, Woodstock Locksmith Services can help you make a new copy for a nominal charge. Duplicate keys that have been tampered with cannot be used any more and must be disposed of in the correct manner. A new set of keys should be made and they can be given to you to ensure that you don’t make another copy.

A Woodstock Locksmith Services will provide the backup key that is required to operate your household safe. This is especially necessary when you want to use the key on a live security alarm system. The spare key can be stored safely in a cupboard or secret compartment of the safe and can be accessed only if you need it.

Deadbolts are very important for keeping people out of a house. You can add deadbolt locks to existing locks and can get them changed when you move to a new home. These locks differ from ordinary locks because they don’t open with a key. Instead, they require a key that is attached to a particular device which changes after a specific number of days. When you are moving into a new house, it may not be possible to obtain your old key and so this would be a good time to change the locks. You should consult a professional to ensure that you get the right equipment and also to enquire about the installation process.

Woodstock Locksmith Services will install wafer locks as well as pin tumbler locks. These are highly secure and add more protection to a door. There are several types of wafer locks including biometric or fingerprint locks. With the biometric lock, an individual enters their personal identification number and through this their eyes are monitored by a computer that monitors all entry. A fingerprint lock requires that a fingerprint sample is taken and then compared with a database to determine whether the fingerprint matches.